The River Cities Industrial-Organizational Psychology (RCIO) Conference, held annually in Chattanooga, TN, is a highly professional, yet student- and practitioner-friendly event that provides a positive, encouraging, and up-to-date applied educational experience. The conference is specifically directed toward graduate students, not the established members of our profession. To learn more about this conference, click here.


Check out a few of our posters from the 2019 conference, centered around HR Analytics!

"Suffering From Whiplash?: The Effects of Pencil Whipping on Data Variability in the Safety Industry"

  • Big data is being used by organizations to identify trends and predict future safety incidents. However, analytics using big data relies heavily on data quality, which can be compromised by a lack of data variability. In the safety industry, the data reports most frequently analyzed include checklists that are filled out by managers and operators, and research is being attempted to link the variables from these reports to safety outcomes. A major obstacle is the reduced variability in these reports due to a phenomenon known as “pencil whipping.”

"Smells Like School Spirit: The Organizational Factors Affecting Targeted Student and Teacher Outcomes"

  • Teacher burnout and stress have been studied at length in the education literature, but industrial-organizational psychologists may have a fresh perspective to offer in regard to understanding and solving the problems that negatively impact the public education system. This study aims to identify the root causes underlying the constructs of stress and burnout through the examination of working conditions that impact teacher absenteeism, turnover, and health outcomes. Additionally, this study will analyze the various predictors of student outcomes, including yearly test scores, absenteeism, and disciplinary referral rates.

See below for some of our posters from the 2018 conference, centered around "Retention Strategies at Work: Keeping the Best and Managing the Rest"!