Current Projects


The HR Science Safety Team is working on a multi-year data analytics project with the cooperation of Eastman Chemical Company, Elevate Textiles and Costain. An Analytics Readiness Audit has been implemented with Eastman Chemical Company evaluating the company's safety and health metrics determining if they are ready for data analytics. This audit will inform the development of data systems, sources, and sets, which will in turn allow the team to conduct a multi-phase analytics process to identify patterns in the data and develop models to help prevent future injuries.

This semester, the team is establishing contact and building relationships with safety professionals from Costain in order to begin collecting, organizing, and evaluating the company's safety data. The information from all three of these analyses will allow for the production of industry specific and more general documents to be published in the occupational safety literature in order to inform industries of new techniques to improve their safety programs.

This project is under the direction of Dr. Shawn Bergman, Dr. Yalçın Açıkgöz, Dr. Timothy Ludwig, and project leads Royale Nicholson, Sam Biggs, Catherine Meyer and Ava Young.

ebp-team-2020.jpgEvidence-Based Practices

Evidence-based practices (EBP) are the use of scientific literature, organizational data, professional expertise, and stakeholders’ perspectives to improve management decisions and increase the likelihood of desired outcomes. In short, EBP is the application of science, psychology, data, and technology to improve individual and organizational decision-making. The HR Science Evidence-Based Practices team will be working on two projects to identify the knowledge and skills that psychology students learn throughout their undergraduate coursework, to ultimately improve students’ own understanding and ability to apply their training to the job market and future careers.

This project is under the direction of Dr. Shawn Bergman, and project leads from the IOHRM program Andrea Montoya and John Lang.


The role of sustainability in corporate environments continues to grow as sustainable practices become more essential to shareholder maintenance and public perception. Sustainable HRM can be defined as the adoption of HRM strategies and practices that enable the achievement of financial, social and ecological goals, with an impact inside and outside of the organization and over a long-term time horizon while controlling for unintended side effects and negative feedback. As companies become more invested in maintaining sustainable commitments, rather than simply displaying espoused “eco-friendly” goals, human resource professionals will have an increasing role in employee relations that deal with issues of sustainability.  Human resource management in conjunction with sustainability is an emerging field that is crucial in our constantly developing industrialized society and economy. Finding correlations between sustainable business practices and positive work environments can help push the industry forward and support better sustainable practices.

Over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year, the Sustainability Team will conduct a study focused on identifying sustainable themes (i.e. climate change, waste management, land use, etc.) that correlate with HR outcomes (i.e. turnover, retention, engagement, etc.) While the goal will initially be to establish that these relationships exist, the team has future aspirations of developing a resource for companies to use that can help them identify which sustainable measures are most practical for their organization, while simultaneously providing them with the benefits that adopting these measures will have on their workforce.

This project is under the direction of Dr. Shawn Bergman, Dr. Jim Westerman, Dr. Yalçın Açıkgöz, and project lead Nicolas Simard.

Visit the Sustainability Website here to read more about their projects and follow along with their weekly blog.