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Interested in joining our team?

We are currently accepting applications for next semester. Complete our short form, and our Recruitment and Onboarding Coordinator will be back to you shortly. - Apply to HR Science

Who are we looking for?

Students on our team typically have:

  • An interest in psychology and/or business,
  • An interest in research and data analytics,
  • A desire to apply what they learn in the classroom to work on applied projects and problems,
  • A healthy growth mindset, and
  • Values that align with those of our team, including respect for a diverse and inclusive environment,  creativity, collaboration, and professional growth.

What will you learn?

  • Application of evidence-based practices
  • Data analytics
  • Behavioral-based safety approaches
  • How to put together conference proposals and presentations
  • How to present research and findings to professional audience
  • Time and project management
  • Importance of planning
  • How to apply research methods to real-world issues 
  • Importance of teamwork and collaboration
  • How to prepare yourself as a professional

What will you do?

Our team has a work hard, play hard mentality. On the work side, each student is placed on one of our smaller project teams, in which they work on answering a specific applied questions and issues through the use of research methodology, data analytics, evidence-based practices, creative thinking, and collaboration. The smaller project teams also work together and support one another and think through tough questions, prepare for conferences, and provide answers to applied projects.  

As for the play, we get together socially multiple times during the semester and compete at the end of each year for the Psychology Department’s annual trivia night, during which our team competes for the title of trivia champion against the Psychology Department’s other research labs. We keep our skills sharp by starting off each weekly team meeting with various trivia. We also have fun and bond as a team at the multiple conferences we attend.  At these conferences, students are encouraged to bond with each other and mingle with people from other schools, as well as geek out over all of the cool research being done in the field!

While our team is a mix of undergraduate students, graduate students, and professors, it feels like a family; a place where you can be yourself and we come together, learn from one another, and have fun!


For more information contact:

Shawn Bergman, Ph.D
Smith-Wright 114

Yalcin Acikgoz, Ph.D
Smith-Wright 308

Student Testimonials

“The HR Science Research team is more than just your average group of student researchers. The team is incredibly passionate about data analytics, HR, and problem solving like no other. Being a part of this team has taught me more than I could’ve imagined -- from how to use SAS, to how to write a research proposal for a conference, and even how to craft the perfect resume and LinkedIn page. My time at Appalachian State wouldn’t have been the same without the HR Science team, it was such a valuable experience that is sure to help with my continued education and future career.” - Alexis Hellman, ‘18

“During my time on the HR Science Team, I realized that the team produced more than just research on contemporary HR topics; it also produced a kinship towards my fellow academics, a familiarity with public speaking, a respect for bettering HR practices using the scientific method, and various opportunities for leadership and personal growth. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I had and for the knowledge I was able to pay forward to those who came after me. Much love to the team.” - Nkem Obi-Melekwe

"On the HR Science research team, students have the opportunity to lead projects and delve into the areas that interest them. You don't have to choose between being a data nerd or solving problems of social inequity. Instead, this team will allow you to design studies that could not only uncover previously unstudied sources of bias but also offer potential solutions to these issues for the benefit of industry and worker alike." - Jailee Hollars '16

"Analytics doesn't have to be scary. A key objective of our research is to "de-mystify" analytics in HR, and by doing so, help to encourage HR professionals to consider its value." - Jonathan Powers '16

"Acting as a member of this research team has not only benefited me scholastically, it has also presented me the opportunities to discover my passion within the field of Occupational Health. When I look back, I will attribute this research team with providing me the spark for any research or vocational success I have within the OHP discipline." - Travis Gable '15

"As a student, this research team became something I could look forward to in the week, not only because of the community of people with similar interests but also because of the way Dr. Bergman and each individual member challenged me to think academically. Streamlining one specific issue in social media while being exposed to various other views made for a highly engaging and beneficial environment. Each week was a new learning experience in a place that keeps the professional attitude of a research team while maintaining an atmosphere of a circle of friends." - Quinlan Collier '15

HR S Team 2015-2016