Admissions Process

To apply to the IOHRM program, you must apply to the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School, indicating your desired program as IOHRM. Your undergraduate transcript(s), scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a statement of purpose composed by you, and three letters of recommendation are necessary for admission.

Once your application has been approved by the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School, it will be forwarded to the IOHRM program faculty for consideration. This process occurs automatically, you do not need to initiate the action. Once the IOHRM program faculty receive all the applications, they select from the best qualified applicants for admission. In general, the following weights are given to student characteristics:

  • High: GRE scores, undergraduate GPA, statement of purpose, research experience, science related coursework (statistics and research methodology, in particular)
  • Moderate: Letters of recommendation, leadership roles, volunteer work or previous employment in I-O psychology related or HRM related professions
  • Low: Extracurricular activities, other work experience, membership in social organizations


Completed applications should be submitted by February 15 to receive full consideration, with reviews to commence on March 1. Applications received after the February 15 deadline will be considered only if there are unfilled vacancies after the March admissions. Applications from International students (i.e., non-US residents) must be received by January 1. All students begin graduate study in the fall semester.

Application Materials

Application information may be found in Application for Graduate Studies.

  1. Cratis D. Williams Graduate School Application
  2. A non-refundable application fee sent to the Graduate School before your application is complete
  3. Personal statement (personal statements should be approximately 1 to 2 pages in length)
  4. Resume or Curriculum Vita
  5. Official GRE scores
  6. Official transcripts from all previous postsecondary institutions
  7. Three letters of recommendation (the Graduate School sends electronic reference forms to the references you provide in the online application)

Additional information on the graduate admissions process is available on the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School web pages for prospective students. In particular, the site contains links to application forms, and information regarding tuition and fees, assistantships, and scholarships. For information about obtaining North Carolina Residency, visit the Registrar's Page for students.

International Students

The IOHRM program has a strong track record with international students. As a prospective international student, you should read through the directions for applying and the special requirements for admission. These can be found on the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School web page for International Graduate Admissions. Additional information about the international graduate student experience is available on the Office of International Education and Development web page.