IOHRM students and HR Science Team members attend RCIO Conference

On October 16th, IOHRM graduate students and faculty, along with undergraduate members of the HR Science Research Team and various research labs, attended the 17th annual River Cities Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference (RCIO) held virtually by the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. This year’s conference theme was “The Importance of Social Connectedness at and through work”.

2021 marks the second year that COVID-19 forced the RCIO conference to be held virtually.  However, the HR Science Research Team from Appalachian State University met on campus and participated in the conference as a team.  This allowed for a more engaging and traditional experience for students attending and presenting research. While not everyone was in person, those who attended at Appalachian State University still had a magnificent time. A huge shoutout and thanks to the I/O Psychology program at UT Chattanooga for a great and successful conference!

 Below were the presentations by the members of the HR Science Research Team:

  • Second year IOHRM students Haley Henderson, and Jacob Ledford; undergraduate researcher Isabella Lopez; and faculty members Dr. Timothy Ludwig, Dr. Yalcin Acikgoz, and  Dr. Shawn Bergman presented their Hazard Closing Actions in Predicting Safety Incidents poster.

  • Second-year IOHRM student Alexa Sterling; first-year IOHRM student Cori Ferguson; undergraduate researchers Mark Allen and Jordan Woodward; and faculty member Dr. Shawn Bergman presented their Do Psychology Students know the Job Skills they are Gaining? poster.

  • First-year IOHRM students Nicholas Granowsky, Ava Young, and Daphne Slusher; undergraduate researcher Taylor Berry; and faculty members Dr. Shawn Bergman, Dr. Yalcin Acikgoz, and Dr. Timothy Ludwig presented their DART: Data Analytics Readiness Tool poster.

  • Second-year IOHRM student Catherine Parks and first-year IOHRM student Veda Gopal presented their Increasing Incident Reporting Through Influencing Risk Perception and What do you mean by “safe”?: Embedding granularity into a global threads company’s safety recording practices posters.

  • Second-year IOHRM student Jenna Hochstetler; first-year IOHRM students Taylor Bott and Megan Hineline; faculty member Dr. Shawn Bergman; and undergraduate researchers Aiden Todd and Paige Farmer presented their Linking Psychology Curriculum with Career Skills poster.

  • Second-year IOHRM student Charles Matthews; undergraduate researchers Jacob Leslie and Elizabeth Surratt; and faculty members Dr. Shawn Bergman, Dr. Timothy Ludwig, and Dr. Yalcin Acikgoz presented their Quality or quantity: using natural language processing to assess safety checklist quality.

  • Second-year IOHRM student Alexa Sterling and faculty members Dr. Jacqueline Bergman, Dr. Kristl Davison, and Dr. Shawn Bergman presented their The role of race on the prevalence of and perceived response to workplace sexual harassment poster.

  • Second-year IOHRM students Andrew Webb, Braxton Lee, and Teague Vreeland; first-year IOHRM students Arman Shahi, Kelly McCarthy, Luke Vavricka, and Amanda Lillie; and undergraduate researchers Erik Mediros, Madison Sexton, and Mackenzie Law presented their “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Investigating Recruitment and Retention at Sustainable Organizations poster.

Published: Nov 8, 2021 8:58am