Class of 2023 Meets their Alumni Mentors

Each year the IOHRM family grows larger and we always greatly value our ability to maintain connections with alumni of the program. As part of the Intro to Human Resources and Professional Issues class, taken during students’ first semester here, each first-year student has the opportunity to interact with esteemed alumni who have graciously volunteered their time. We are excited to announce the Alumni Mentor Class of 2021!

Each student is assigned to an Alumni Mentor who, during the semester, helps perfect resumes, create career development plans, and provide general advice about the IOHRM program experience or graduate school in general. Having a mentor who has been through the IOHRM program is an invaluable experience and will provide new students with a fantastic professional resource. This group of mentors is made up of experienced professionals such as vice presidents of human resources, researchers, managers, and consultants. Here are what some of the students are hoping to gain from these mentoring relationships:


“We are both first generation college students, so for me the mentoring program provides some support for enduring the unknown with someone who has done it before.”

– Megan Hineline


“To better understand and learn about all of the possibilities in the HR field so I can narrow down what I want to further explore”

– Kelly McCarthy


“... to create a relationship with someone who I can learn from and will guide me through my graduate experience by giving me advice and being a resource I can always depend on.”

– Veda Gopal


"... to gain more knowledge about what it’s like to work in the field as I haven’t talked with many people in HR. I also hope to learn more about how to market myself and network while also gaining insight from a new and different perspective on all that is IOHRM. "

– Amanda Lillie


“To gain a connection, possible direction, and generally some assurance that this program is as awesome as we have been told.  Specifically: the specific KSAs for his success, utilizing his experience for direction in opportunities for networking”

– Dalton Powers


The program has seen great success in the past and promises to be another exciting opportunity again this year. A big thank you to all alumni currently involved in this program!

Published: Oct 15, 2021 1:04pm