Travel Authorization & Reimbursement

Travel Authorization

App State requires travel justification and travel authorization forms to be completed and turned in to Gail Day in the Psychology office BEFORE you proceed with the grant application process. If you are traveling with the College of Business, these forms will be turned in to Charity Miller in Peacock Hall. These forms are required for any and all travel. Both Documents can be found at the bottom of this page. Contact information for both Gail and Charity are located at the bottom of the page. Please read the following carefully:

  • The travel authorization form must have: name, banner ID, times & days (when you leave campus and when you return to campus), destination, what conference you are presenting at, associated faculty member, and printed proof of presenting (acceptance letter/email).
    • Registration fees: print and provide a document showing how much it will cost.
    • If flying, print and provide a document showing how much a flight could cost. Keep all boarding passes to be returned for reimbursement.
    • If driving: the person that owns the car is the only individual that can claim mileage.
    • If staying in a hotel: print and provide a document showing how much if could cost.
    • If hotel parking, airport parking, shuttle, or taxi - estimate the cost ahead of time and remember to get a receipt.
    • Meals: this section will be completed by Gail. You do not have to fill this out.
  • Remember: all receipts have to show only the person that is asking for a reimbursement. Each person has to pay for their own airline ticket, hotel room, and registration.
    • Each receipt has to show how it was paid for. For example: the last four digits of your credit card information and/or the words, VISA, MC, etc.
  • Please keep in mind that you will have to return to Gail or Charity's office to sign the official forms that are filled out based on your application. They cannot sign for you.

Approval has to be made by Gail Day or Charity Miller at least two weeks before travel. Again, it is advised that you do this months in advance - especially if you are seeking additional grants.


Within the week of return, bring all receipts to Gail Day (if traveling with the psychology department) or Charity Miller (if traveling with the management department) so that they can begin the process.

  • Registration receipt showing a zero balance
  • Flight: receipt showing that you bought the flight and have zero balance; must show how this was paid (i.e. visa last 4 digits, etc.); copy of boarding pass.
  • Hotel: receipt showing a zero balance. If you are splitting the room, each person needs a separate receipt showing a zero balance, showing how it was paid as above.
  • Parking, taxis, shuttles: provide all receipts, showing how paid as above.
  • Meals: operate on a per diem basis - no receipts necessary.

Questions? Please contact Gail Day (Psychology) or Charity Miller (Management):

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Checklist for Travel Authorization and Reimbursement (PDF, 85 KB)