Alumni Mentor Program

As a part of our IOHRM program, all students are paired with an IOHRM Alumni Mentor. Mentors volunteer their time in order to give back to our program, and it is very helpful for the current students! Mentors assist students with everything from resume building and solidifying career objectives to giving general advise on professors and assignments. The mentors love it because it gives them a chance to give back to the IOHRM program, and the students love it because they always have someone to talk to who went through everything they are experiencing as a student of the IOHRM program. Look below to meet this year's mentors!

Michael Boitnott - IOHRM Class of '12
Michael's LinkedIn Page

Adeline Brooks - IOHRM Class of '17
Adeline's LinkedIn Page

Ryan Felty - IOHRM Class of '12
Ryan's LinkedIn Page

Ryan Gillespie - IOHRM Class of '16
Ryan's LinkedIn Page

Meaghan Hansen - IOHRM Class of '17
Meaghan's LinkedIn Page

Amber (Boyles) Harrison - IOHRM Class of '09
Amber's LinkedIn Page

Jennifer (Houseworth) Cline - IOHRM Class of '06
Jennifer's LinkedIn Page

Evea Kaldas - IOHRM Class of '16
Evea's LinkedIn Page

Cynthia K Miller - IOHRM Class of '01
Cynthia's LinkedIn Page

John Misenheimer - IOHRM Class of '15
John's LinkedIn Page

Jessica New - IOHRM Class of '16
Jessica's LinkedIn Page

Morgan Powers - IOHRM Class of '16
Morgan's LinkedIn Page