Support IOHRM

Thank you for your interest in financially supporting the IOHRM program!

Currently, there are two avenues through which your donation can be utilized, though the first is highly preferred. The instructions for donating to either are below.

If your organization participates in an Employer Matching program, the simple process is described at the bottom of this page.


This is the preferred place to make your donations. A contribution to the IOHRM Fund allows us to allocate funds where they are most needed. Areas of allocation may include, but are not limited to, student travel and research, alumni conferences, student internship presentations, Advisory Board meetings, and general program enhancements.

Click here to make a contribution to the general IOHRM fund, and follow instructions highlighted below.

IOHRM Student Support Fund

A second, avenue through which you may make a contribution to the IOHRM program is the Student Support Fund. These funds may be used, exclusively, to fund student travel, research, and professional development activities. Donations to the IOHRM Fund (see above) are preferred, as those funds are able to be used for general program needs, as well as student activities. You may specify an amount or percentage to be allocated to this Fund in your donation.

Click here to make a contribution to the IOHRM Student Support Fund and/or IOHRM Fund. See below for instructions.

Employer Matching Program

The Employer Matching program is an excellent way to increase the impact of your donation without taking more money out of your pocket. Simply follow instructions highlighted below after entering the entering information about the destination of your gift.

Not sure if your company participates? Simply type in the name of the organization and information regarding their involvement will be populated.