Student Spotlight: Jake Leslie

Jake's Journey: A Transition to the Applied World

Welcome to a captivating insight into Jake's remarkable journey, a second-year in our IOHRM program, as he unveils his internship experience and offers guidance to prospective students, and shares his post-graduation plans.

Internship Insights

Jake embarked on a 13-week journey with the renowned company, Jacobs, where he worked with the Talent Intelligence team. During his tenure, he undertook two significant projects that shaped his understanding of the applied world.

In his first project, Jake delved into the world of data analysis, examining pulse and culture survey responses to discern their impact on voluntary attrition. He explored factors like organizational engagement, inclusion, and strategic understanding, deciphering how these variables influenced an individual's intention to leave their job. Jake's work highlighted the intersection of data analysis and talent management, a skill he honed significantly during his internship.

His second major project involved researching and preparing Jacobs for the influx of Generation Z into the workforce. On this project, Jake collaborated with the Chief People and Inclusion Officer and two other interns. This project culminated in a "lunch and learn" presentation on predictive modeling for scoring pre-recorded video interviews, delivered to an online audience of approximately 150 people.

Navigating the Path to Success

Jake's journey to Jacobs was facilitated by a previous student, Catherine Myer, who had already secured a position with the company. Catherine's connection with our program and Dr. H opened doors for Jake, leading to this valuable internship opportunity.

Reflecting on his most valuable experience, Jake explains that his internship taught him how to transition seamlessly from an academic perspective to an applied point of view. He learned to structure data effectively, communicate in a manner that resonated with practitioners, and understand the practical nuances of the HR field.

Post-Graduation Plans

Jake's journey continues as he embarks on his career as an HR Consultant with Jacobs. One remarkable aspect of his decision is that he gets to remain close to his family as Jacobs operates with a fully remote HR team. The flexibility and autonomy Jake enjoyed during his internship played a significant role in his decision to stay with the company.

Advice for Aspiring Students

To future students, Jake advises seeking companies that align with what you've learned in class. He emphasizes that working for a company that practices what you've learned adds an extra layer of fulfillment to your career. He also encourages students to find an internship they genuinely enjoy, not just one that becomes available. A positive internship experience can make a substantial difference in your career trajectory.

Interview Success Tips

Jake's advice for interviews is clear: prepare meticulously. Treat the interview process as if you're conducting a thorough literature review or researching an expensive product to purchase. Research the company extensively, including press, reviews, and culture. Incorporate your knowledge of the organization into your responses to demonstrate your commitment and understanding.

Projects and Hands-On Experience

During his time at our program, Jake was an integral part of the Safety team, working with HR Science for two years. This hands-on experience played a pivotal role in shaping his internship. The team used predictive modeling to reduce workplace injury rates and collaborated with real organizations to implement these solutions.

Beyond Academia and Work

Outside of his academic and work commitments, Jake enjoys a diverse range of activities, including spending time with his dog, solving puzzles, going for walks, and rock climbing.

A Unique Experience Awaits You

Jake leaves prospective students with an encouraging message: Make the most of your time in our program. While the curriculum provides a foundation, it's up to you to craft a unique experience that aligns with your individual interests. Our program offers an array of opportunities, and your journey can be as distinct as your aspirations. Embrace the diversity of experiences that await you and pave your path to success.

Published: Nov 10, 2023 11:08am