Professional Education with IOHRM

On November 16th, Dr. Jim Street, Dr. Shawn Bergman, Maira Compagnone, and Soundarya Kanthimathinathan visited a local dental organization who had enrolled in a professional education program through The Walker College of Business. The program is aimed to educate professionals with developing key leadership and business skills to improve their organization’s performance. This first meeting involved a meet and greet with them to learn about their expectations, their goals, and get them acquainted with the team as well as the professional education program. Additionally, they administered a Needs Assessment to guide their coursework for them moving forward. This assessment is used to determine what their weak points were regarding leadership and business skills for the program to address and improve.

In the next session, Annie Jankura and Katie Maness, second year IOHRM students, will be attending with Dr. Jim Street and Dr. Shawn Bergman to begin administering the course. We wish them luck with their good work!

Published: Nov 30, 2018 12:18pm