IOHRM Welcomes Class of 2025

IOHRM program welcomes a new group of students this Fall semester. The Class of 2025 comprises individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, including Psychology, Sociology, Business Management, and Behavioral Science. This cohort consists of twelve promising students coming from various parts of the United States and the world, including Florida, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Utah, Oregon, North Carolina, and Indonesia. As the Class of 2025 embarks on their educational journey towards earning their degrees, many are focused on improving their HR skills and capitalizing on the knowledge exchange between their peers and professors alike. We extend our best wishes to them and eagerly anticipate their growth within the IOHRM program.

Beyond their academic pursuits, this incoming class boasts a wide range of interests, including sports, hiking, the outdoors, traveling, reading, gaming, and socializing with friends. In keeping with tradition, students will post up-to-date information about news events and program updates through the IOHRM Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and website. The Class of 2025 is enthusiastic about commencing their new chapter in the scenic mountains of Boone, and we invite you to stay connected to witness their remarkable journey unfold. 

Published: Sep 15, 2023 8:27am