IOHRM Student Spotlight: Sunny Barboj

Sunny's Journey: From IOHRM Student to HR Development Professional

Welcome, past, current, and future students of our IOHRM program! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Sunny, a driven and accomplished second-year student who is embarking on an exciting new chapter in his career. Sunny's journey showcases the tremendous opportunities and growth that our program offers, and his experience can serve as a valuable source of inspiration for all of you.

New Beginnings with Trane Technologies

Sunny has recently secured a remarkable career opportunity as an HR Development professional with Trane Technologies, scheduled to begin this July. His journey began when he was inspired by a presentation given by a recent graduate of our program who talked about this role. This presentation motivated Sunny to apply, leading to an interview for an internship and ultimately a job offer. He will be relocating to Davidson, North Carolina, to embrace this exciting new chapter.

A Fruitful Internship Experience

During his internship, Sunny discovered his passion for working with spreadsheets. He also emphasized the importance of confidence and effective communication in one's professional journey and believes it helped him significantly during his time with Trane Technologies. He highlighted the welcoming and understanding culture of his internship, which consistently encouraged growth and recognized the potential in its employees.

Sunny's key project focused on short-term incentive eligibility for employees in North and Latin America based on market data, a challenging and rewarding endeavor. As his internship drew to a close, Sunny was encouraged to apply for an advanced development program. To his delight, he secured the HR-ADP position. His positive experiences during the internship, coupled with the company culture, played a pivotal role in his decision to continue on this path.

Sunny’s Thesis

Sunny has been working on a thesis during his time in the IOHRM program. Specifically Sunny is examining the moderating effects of engaging in a workplace romance on attachment styles and relationship satisfaction. Sunny chose this topic because the concept of romance is fascinating to him. This project allowed him to take a topic he is passionate about and connect it to IOHRM. Sunny offers valuable advice to aspiring PhD candidates, emphasizing the importance of conducting a thesis as a critical step in determining one's affinity for research within this demanding field. Sunny also states that through writing a thesis you will become an expert in the topic and so it is important to do extensive background research.

Valuable Advice from Sunny

Sunny has some invaluable advice to offer to all our IOHRM students, both current and prospective. He emphasizes the importance of self-confidence and reminds students that they are more than capable of achieving their goals. He attests to the excellent preparation provided by our program and the development of strong professional communication skills.

Sunny's experience underscores the applied nature of our program and its capacity to equip students for success in their future careers. He also highlights the supportive culture within the program, stating that if you enjoy being a part of a productive community then this program is for you. He emphasizes this for those willing to contribute to the growth of the program and its culture.

Interview Success Tips

Sunny shares his insights on interviews, emphasizing the significance of mentioning projects worked on, such as the HR Science team or any technology, data, or research-related experiences. He underscores the importance of showcasing how these experiences can be applied externally, providing a compelling edge in the job market.

Discovering the Personal Side of Sunny

Beyond his professional journey, Sunny enjoys the culinary arts and considers himself a food connoisseur. Additionally, he has a passion for writing fiction and is currently working on a book.

Why Sunny Chose IOHRM

Sunny chose our IOHRM program because he appreciated the unique combination of IO and HR. This program, he believes, equips students with the skills and abilities needed for practical application in the field. Furthermore, the serene environment of Boone offered a welcome change from his Florida roots, making it an ideal place to embark on his academic and professional journey.

Sunny's story is a testament to the opportunities and support our program provides, ultimately propelling our students toward successful and fulfilling careers. We hope his journey has inspired and motivated you, whether you are considering our program or are already a part of our vibrant community. Sunny's story proves that the combination of dedication, confidence, and the right program can lead to remarkable achievements. We wish Sunny all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to celebrating your successes as well!


Published: Oct 26, 2023 11:00pm