IOHRM members win intramural basketball championship

The intermural team, Staff Infection won their first NBA (Noon Basketball Association) championship. The team consists of faculty and staff, and includes several members of the IOHRM family, including Dr. Tim Huelsman, Dr. Shawn Bergman, and Dr. Jack Carson, as well as IOHRM grad students Tanner Landolt and Arman Shahi.

For the entire month of the basketball season, Staff Infection went undefeated, defeating every team by the Mercy Rule!

“Some of our most challenging matches were against Hoosiers, but we still ended up winning by like 30 points,” says Tim Huelsman.

“It was a very physical match with lots of trash talk. Tim was barking at the players from the sidelines, and we ended up winning by mercy rule,” says Arman Shahi. “I enjoyed being able to play a role in the first championship for the basketball team.”

Congratulations to Staff Infection for their win!


Published: Apr 3, 2023 8:59am