IOHRM Alumni Speaks to Students

Last Thursday, IOHRM Alumni Lt. Col. Rich Tucker from the Class of 2009 came to present a unique case study highlighting how quick decision-making and good leadership skills that he learned in the program was able to help him during Join Task Force Matthew, a relief effort by the U.S. Military to provide aid to Haiti following the Hurricane Matthew in 2016. His talk also highlighted the myriad of special acknowledgements and considerations that must be made specifically for a military operation, such as choosing who can go on the assignment and who must remain to carry on the original mission, how many people and cargo can the aircraft carry, and ensuring that his men received enough sleep and provisions on top of assisting the Haitians. The talk was very informative and showed to all of us the diverse ways the experience the IOHRM program provides can be put to good use! We thank him for taking the time to come out!

Published: Apr 19, 2019 11:20am