Holshouser Ethics Lunch Series Talk on Blockchain

On Thursday, Sept. 19th, the Holshouser Ethics Lunch Series hosted visiting scholar Max Allan Siegfried Rünzel, M.Sc. M.A. 


Max presented on "A Better Society through Better Decisions: How Blockchain Technology Can Help to Make the Right Choices." He argued that our purchasing decisions are often a reflection of our values and convictions. We are willing to spend considerable price premiums if we think a product represents what we stand and strive for. However, it can be difficult to verify that our purchase decisions are in line with our values and norms. Blockchain technology creates a transparent supply chain, from producer to consumer, that may allow consumers to discover goods that have been produced ethically, locally, and sustainably. 


Max Runzel and Dr. Joseph Cazier are working to bring blockchain technology to the honey industry to combat counterfeit products and bring value congruence to consumers that would like to purchase ethical products.


IOHRM cohort members from classes ‘20 and ‘21 were in attendance, and had the opportunity to ask engaging questions and network with researchers, faculty, and practitioners in the College of Business.

Published: Sep 25, 2019 9:49am