Dr. Ludwig Invited to Provide Safety Program Consulting

Cited in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN) “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow” and serving on the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies’ Behavioral Safety Accreditation Commission, Dr. Timothy Ludwig is one of the premiere subject matter experts in the world concerning quality and safety improvement. As a result, Dr. Lugwig recently received the invitation to travel to Taiwan to meet with the executives of Evergreen Marine to provide objective feedback on their safety programs after their Ever Given ship became stuck in the Suez Canal, halting or delaying around 10 percent of global trade. In this role, Dr. Ludwig will review the behaviors leading up to the incident and help the crew implement a behavioral safety program.

Dr. Ludwig is a behavioral psychologist, which means, as he puts it, “I don’t care what you think or feel. I care about what you do.” Thus, his objective is to determine what did the crew fail to follow within the safety programs causing them to run aground. Citing his philosophy in his recent book, What Are You, F&#%’N STUPID ?!?, he wants to help Evergreen Marine learn a better way to analyze the behaviors of its employees to understand how they were put in a position to take the risk in the first place.

While his specific safety intervention recommendations cannot be shared, you can hear some of his insights in this recent interview about the Ever Given incident HERE. For more great insights, visit his blog.

Ever Given Ship
Published: Apr 1, 2021 10:43am