Accepted Students Day 2022

IOHRM graduate students and faculty held two sessions of the IOHRM Accepted Students Day on April 1st and 5th. 12 recently accepted students attended these sessions to hear about the program and its benefits, and to answer any questions about the program.  In both sessions, Dr. Timothy Huelsman delivered an overview of the IOHRM program before letting the team of current students take over.  First-year students got to know the accepted students and shared their personal experiences with the program.  Specifically, current students gave a look into program culture, coursework, and life in Boone.  Following the student-led portion of the day, a panel made up of IOHRM faculty arrived to discuss current research and courses they teach and answer questions about coursework. During this time, students also asked questions about the HR Science Team, assistantships, and internships.

The prospective students were impressed by the prestige of the program and the ability to customize one’s time with the numerous applied experiences and additional education available. Upon conclusion, one attendee shared, “Seeing the culture and student/faculty interactions in person really helped solidify my decision. This program sounds amazing on paper, but it really hit home to see how everyone worked together.” From all of us in the IOHRM program, we look forward to welcoming our future IOHRM class!

Published: Apr 11, 2022 12:44pm