The 9th Annual Appalachian Safety Summit

On Tuesday, September 19th, and Wednesday, September 20th, the Safety Summit welcomed the participation of safety leaders from around the country at Appalachian State University. Professionals representing different companies came together to engage in discussions about workplace safety, its current status, and its potential for future enhancements. This year, the summit found its new home at the beautiful Grandview Ballroom overlooking Kidd Brewer Stadium, continuing its mission to educate and inform safety professionals, teams, and managers.

The summit's line-up of presenters included seasoned industry experts, passionate safety advocates, and current doctoral program students who have graduated from Appalachian State’s very own IOHRM master’s program. Topics spanned a wide spectrum, from addressing who might be overlooked in workplace safety dialogues to exploring the science-based approach to enhancing productivity, profitability, and safety. These discussions covered an array of critical themes in regard to workplace safety, which worked together in shaping the landscape of modern workplaces. Notably, Appalachian State University’s very own, Dr. Timothy Ludwig and Dr. Shawn Bergman introduced the T.H.A.N.K.S. feedback process, illuminating its numerous safety-related benefits, as well as a crucial conversation about the integration of technology, AI, and ChatGPT in the workplace.

We extend immense congratulations to Dr. Timothy Ludwig on the success of this year's Safety Summit. Our sincere thanks go out to every individual and organization who collaborated and played a role in bringing this wonderful event to fruition!


















Published: Oct 20, 2023 1:38pm