Dr. Jack Carson


PhD 2020, Auburn University: Management
MBA 2015, Northern Arizona University
B.S. 2013, Northern Arizona University: Accountancy

Teaching Interests

Organizational behavior, leadership, groups, & teams.

Research Interests

Judgements of responsibility, perceptions of workplace mistreatment, supervisor organizational embodiment, team attributions.

Selected Publications

Carson, J. E., Mackey, J. D., McAllister, C. P., & Walker, H. J. (2022). Source-Target Misalignment in Employees’ Destructive Voice Responses to Perceived Organizational and Supervisor Unfairness. Group & Organization Management, doi:10596011221074155.

Mackey, J. D., McAllister, C. P., Ellen III, B. P., & Carson, J. E. (2021). A meta-analysis of interpersonal and organizational workplace deviance research. Journal of Management, 47(3), 597-622.

Michel, J. S., Rotch, M. A., Carson, J. E., Bowling, N. A., & Shifrin, N. V. (2021). Flattening the latent growth curve? Explaining within-person changes in employee well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. Occupational Health Science, 5(3), 247-275.

Carnevale, J. B., Carson, J. E., & Huang, L. (2021). Greedy for thee or greedy for me? A contingency model of positive and negative reactions to leader greed. Journal of Business Research, 132, 897-905.

Ellen, B. P., Alexander, K. C., Mackey, J. D., McAllister, C. P., & Carson, J. E. (2021). Portrait of a workplace deviant: A clearer picture of the Big Five and Dark Triad as predictors of workplace deviance. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(12), 1950-1961.

Carson, J. E., Waddingham, J., & Mackey, J. (2020). Organization member action proximity and attributions for managerial crisis response failure. Management Decision, 58(10), 2177-2193.

Carson, J. E. (2019). External relational attributions: Attributing cause to others' relationships. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40(5), 541-553.

Mackey, J. D., McAllister, C. P., Brees, J. R., Huang, L., & Carson, J. E. (2018). Perceived organizational obstruction: A mediator that addresses source–target misalignment between abusive supervision and OCBs. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 39(10), 1283-1295.

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Management

Email address: Email me