Breakout Sessions

Workforce Analytics: A Hands-On Case Study

Bryce Woods (Senior Director, Strategy Planning & Analytics- TIAA)

Dr. Yalcin Acikgoz (IOHRM faculty- Appalachian State)

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Professionals often have difficulty determining where to start when "doing analytics". In this hands on session, participants will walk through a workforce analytics case study. deepening their understanding of how to use data and analysis to build a business case for HR analytic initiatives. Participants will work with formulas in Excel and walk through an exercise that illustrates how to create action and insight from data and how those insights can be used to support the business case for workforce analytics. The session will also include several interactive components where participants can ask questions and engage with experts regarding how HR data and analytics can work together to create value in an organization. The session will conclude with a tutorial on advanced technologies, modeling techniques, and methodologies available beyond Excel and how those can be used to mature your organization's analytic capabilities.

Learning objectives:

  • Build Excel and data analysis skills
  • Learn how to create insight and business value from data
  • Determine how analytic results can be used to build a business case for workforce analytics
  • Discover advanced analytic technologies, modeling techniques, and methodologies and how they can deliver additional insight and add business value

Boosting learner engagement: How to make learning and development work in your organization

Evea Kaldas (Training Specialist- HD Supply

Cynthia Miller (VP of HR- Carolina West Wireless)

Elma Lloyd (Program Manager, Online Learning and Learner Engagement- AXA Equitable Life)

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This interactive Learning and Development breakout session will dive deeper in key concepts from the Learning and Development plenary presentation and show participants how they can translate these concepts into concrete deliverables in today's workplace. More specifically, today's Learning and Development professionals are challenged more than ever to deliver engaging and meaningful learning programs to the workforce. The session's panel of experts will share how cutting-edge Learning and Development methods are applied in their organizations and help participants identify where and how they can make an impact in their organizations.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify learning gaps in their organization
  • Take a meaningful step toward closing those gaps through discussion of challenges and practical ways to overcome them
  • Identify key stakeholders at all levels needed in closing gaps, tailoring the messaging and buy-in efforts for each
  • Create an idea toolkit by building upon ideas for learner engagement and effective uses of instructor led and virtual training

Shifting Diversity

Joseph Lewis (Senior Program Manager,  Innovation and Operations- AXA Equitable Life)

Dr. Tim Huelsman (IOHRM Faculty- Appalachian State)

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Diversity can be measured across multiple dimensions and can be both visible or invisible. Historically the focus has been on visible diversity but often it’s the intersection of both that defines who we are. Join us for an interactive session where we will explore the implications of invisible diversity, the overlapping boundaries between visible and invisible diversity and how our diversity dimensions influence our successes and failures personally and professionally. By taking stock in how we individually are impacted, we can help influence change and promote greater inclusion in our world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a greater awareness of visible and invisible diversity
  • Increase self-awareness of individual diversity dimensions and their personal influence
  • Develop skills to recognize diversity challenges and be able to promote others success

Planning for the future: Figuring out where you are now and planning for where you want to go

Melissa Reagen (Managing Director, Head of Research, Americas - Nuveen Real Estate)

Daniel Manware (Research Analyst - Nuveen Real Estate)

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Positioning your company to successfully recruit future talent is expectedly challenging. Organizations need to understand the trends that are guiding future employees' decisions regarding the types of work they want to do, where they want to live, and what they expect to get out of their jobs. This session examines changes and trends that will impact the future workforce and explores how participants' organizations are positioned to leverage the challenges of the future and attract future talent. Participants will work through a guided exercise to better understand how their organizations align with the expectations of the future workforce and discuss strategies for attracting future employees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the needs, wants, and expectations of the workforce of the future
  • Understand social and economic trends that will impact employee recruiting and retention 
  • Determine how your organization is positioned to attract and retain future workforce talent